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Other Schemes

Schemes for SSIs are operationalised by other agencies Like:

S. No. Name of the Scheme
1. Raw Material Assistance
2. Single Point Registration  (Government Purchase Scheme)
3. Credit Rating Scheme
4. Infomediary Services
5. Technology Incubation Centre ( TIC - PPP )
6. Marketing Intelligence Cell
7. Domestic Exhibition
8. International Exhibition
9. Software Trade Park (STP)
10. Bill Discounting Scheme

  • MSME Scheme implemented through NSIC:
» Marketing Assistance Scheme (English)
» Performance and Credit Rating Scheme (English)

  • SIDBI Schemes
SIDBI schemes are broadly being divided into four categories:
» Refinance Schemes
» Bills Finance Schemes
» Project Related Direct Finance Schemes
» Promotional and Development Schemes
» Technology Development & Modernisation Fund Scheme for providing finance to existing SSI units for technology upgradation/modernisation is available with SIDBI.
Click here to know more on SIDBI Schemes

Tax Holiday Scheme Tax holiday has been granted for new industrial undertakings located in all of the North Eastern States,
Composite Loan Scheme Scheme envisages sanction and disbursement of working capital and term loan together from a single agency.
Industrial Estate Schemes The main objective of the programme is to encourage and support the creation, expansion and modernisation of SSI
Excise Exemption Scheme General Excise Duty Exemption Scheme for small Industries.

  • Financing / Funding
Venture Capital Starting and growing a business always require capital. There are a number of alternative methods to fund growth. These include the owner or proprietor’s own capital, arranging debt finance, or seeking an equity partner, as is the case with private equity and venture capital. « Read More
NEF Scheme The scheme has been extended for application to the SSI units in the Metropolitan areas with a view to enlarge the scope of scheme and to cover more beneficiaries… « Read More

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