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Indian March mineral production update

The index of mineral production of mining and quarrying sector in March 2012 was higher by 10.2% compared to that of the preceding month. The mineral sector has shown a negative growth of 1.3% during March 2012 as compared to that of the corresponding month of previous year.

The total value of mineral production (excluding atomic & minor minerals) in the country during March 2012 was INR 19082 crore. The contribution of coal was the highest at INR 6475 crore (34%). Next in the order of importance were: Petroleum (crude) INR 5806 crore
Iron ore Rs.3437 crore,
Natural gas (utilized) INR 1404 crore,
Lignite INR 494 crore
Limestone INR 312 crore.

These six minerals together contributed about 94% of the total value of mineral production in March 2012.

Production levels of important minerals in March 2012 were:

Coal 64.7 million tonnes
Lignite 5.2 million tonnes
Natural gas (utilized) 3751 million cu m
Petroleum (crude) 3.2 million tonnes
Bauxite 1123 thousand tonnes
Chromite 359 thousand tonnes
Copper conc 9 thousand tonnes
Gold 173 kg
Iron ore 15 million tonnes
Lead conc. 17 thousand tonnes
Manganese ore 234 thousand tonnes
Zinc conc. 117 thousand tonnes
Apatite & phosphorite 184 thousand tonnes
Dolomite 368 thousand tonnes
Limestone 22.4 million tonnes
Magnesite 19 thousand tonnes
Diamond 1581 carat

In March 2012 the output of lead conc. increased by 39.07%, manganese ore 22.12%, coal 15.42%, lignite 14.84%, iron ore 12.08%, petroleum (crude) 7.41%, apatite & phosphorite 7.31%, natural gas (utilized) 6.38%, limestone 3.20%, magnesite 0.12 percent. However the production of copper conc. decreased by 0.19%, gold 0.57%, dolomite 2.82%, zinc conc.8.19%, chromite 9.17%, bauxite 12.31% and diamond 32.98%

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