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US and India must serve as catalysts for growth

Noting that there is perhaps no other country in the world with whom US has travelled faster and farther than India over the last ten years, a top Obama Administration official has said that the two governments should serve as a catalyst for growth and innovation.

"Our governments need to match the ambition of our businesses. Washington and Delhi must serve as catalysts for growth and innovation, but to do so we will continue to relay on the advice of our private sectors and our people," Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia , Robert Blake said.

The Obama Administration seeks India as an indispensable strategic partner in the 21st century, Blake said in his address to the University of Pennsylvania , Wharton India Economic Forum.

"The US welcomes the dynamic rise of India . Whether in energy or agriculture; education or biotechnology, our businesses and governments can leverage our complementary strengths to develop solutions to many of the 21st century's defining challenges," he said.

"There is perhaps no country in the world with whom we have travelled faster and farther than India over the last ten years. President Obama characterises our relations with India as one of our defining partnerships for the 21st century. A central element of that partnership is our economic relationship," he said in his address.

"Reflecting the comprehensive nature of our bilateral engagement, the President's visit resulted in new milestones across virtually every field of human endeavour, from non-proliferation to our civil nuclear cooperation and many other initiatives," Blake said.

Observing that the future of India 's economy looks very bright, he said India is projected to become the world's third largest economy in the year 2030.

"The incredible growth of India 's economy has resulted in positive spillover effects for the United States ," he said.

Blake said the bipartisan support to the US-India relationship in countries has helped drive significant progress over the last decade, and ensures that this relationship will continue to be a mainstay of American and Indian foreign policy, regardless of who is in power.

"Over the last decade, beginning with President Clinton's landmark visit to India in 2000, to the civil nuclear deal negotiated by the Bush Administration, to the strategic partnership established by President Obama, we have fundamentally transformed the US-India partnership.

"President Obama's trip will be remembered as a watershed, when the US and India embarked for the first time on concrete initiatives to develop our global strategic partnership," he said

(Sourced from ET)

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