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India export in April to December up by 25.8pct

India's exports for the month of April to December 2011 have registered a growth of 25.8%, at USD 217.6 billion.

Interacting with the media persons, Mr Rahul Khullar commerce secretary informed that during the period April to December 2011, the imports were USD 350.9 billion with a growth of 30.4% and a Balance of Trade stood at USD (-)133.3 billion, during the same period.

Mr Khullar also informed that India’s exports in December 2011 were USD 25 billion and imports stood at USD 37.8 billion Balance of trade for the month of December 2011 stood at (-) 12.8 billion USD.

During April to December 2011, the following sectors have done well viz., engineering, (USD 45.3 billion) which registered the growth of 21.6% Petroleum & oil products, 55% (USD 43.9 billion)

As regards to imports during April to December 2011, the growth estimates on the following sectors are: POL, 40.4% (USD 105.6 billion) and Machinery, 27.7% (USD 25.8 billion)

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