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China: Coke export volume and price all drop

In September this year, China coke and semi coke export amount to 140000 tons. The number of the previous month 250000 tons compared to the same period last year fell 44%, drop 220000 tons 36%. Jan ~ September coke export quantity of accumulated over the same period last year increased by 24%, the total amount of 34% year-on-year, coke and semi coke exports total 2870000 tons, grow 31% compared to the same period.

In addition, the export values of coke and semi-coke decrease to US$59.792 million. The average export prices of coke in September dropped by US$16/ton to US$427/ton.

In September coke export quantity and amount are substantially reduced, mainly due to the poor economic situation, the RMB appreciation and high tariffs along with high customs duties and other effects. At present, China coke export prices have been relatively foreign steel procurement price, China coke in world trade is operable to lower. China coke export prices increased year by year, and the coke export prices declined slightly in September.

The coke tray down, seriously affect the international iron and steel raw materials procurement, at the same time China coke in the international trade share in reducing. Is expected in the four quarter, coke export of resource products market will continue downward trend. Predict 2011 coke export amount is controlled in 3500000 tons, the average unit price is 450 dollars.

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