Foundry Informatics Centre, New Delhi

Foundry Informatics Centre (FIC) which is one of the four centers of excellence of The Institute of Indian Foundrymen was inaugurated on 13th Oct 1991 in its present premises located at Tuglakabad Institutional Area,New Delhi to service the needs of the members of The Institute to generate useful analytical & commercial information on Foundry industry to liase with various agencies located in the capital.


The main objective of FIC is to develop & continuously update & upgrade integrated information system on Foundry & Allied industry & make the information available to IIF members & other interested users & overseas companies in the interest of Indian Foundry industry. This can broadly be given as below:

  • To build up information system & periodically update for foundries & allied industry in order to monitor trends & statistics & profiles of individual associated company regarding their capacity, capability, speciality & in house manufacturing & testing facilities, Quality accreditations etc.
  • To identify suitable sources of cast component, foundry materials equipments, consultants etc etc
  • To generate information of special plant machinery & technology overseas in developed countries
  • To maintain profiles of exporters in foundry & allied industry
  • To maintain Indian Standards of metal castings, foundry equipments, sands, additives, input materials inspection methods to represent IIF in various sectional committees of BIS
  • To generate information on overseas casting buyers
  • To maintain bibliography on the publications of Indian & Foreign journals so that list of articles with their authors, title, abstract & source on specific processes of different type of castings, products, equipments, materials etc can be retrieved for use by IIF members & other interested users
  • To maintain details of various incentive schemes of interest to the foundry industry
  • To maintain Various Govt. Notifications, circulars etc issued by Govt. from time to time particularly with regard to export, import, excise, taxation etc etc.
  • To reply to various queries received from IIF members & other interested users from time to time
  • Since all important Govt offices & Industrial associations are located in Delhi, to liase with various deptts & bodies on matters of interest to the industry & to represent the IIF from time to time
  • Any other matter as decided by the National Council or Office bearers or Chairman FIC

Information Modules Offered by FIC:

  • Database on units accredited under ISO 9000/QS9000/TS–16949 & accreditation boards & certifying bodies etc.
  • Database on Small, Medium & Large units related to foundry industry
  • Database on consultants, foundry equipment & material suppliers
  • Database on foundries catering to various industrial sectors
  • Statistical figures related to production, exports etc.
  • Database on foundry units categorywise based on the type of product, process used, industrial sector serviced, scale of production, quality accreditation, capacity installed, geographical location, in house manufacturing & testing facilities etc.
  • Database on potential customers sectorwise
  • Database on pattern & die makers
  • Database on exporters
  • Database on importers
  • Database on trend of prices of major inputs used in foundries
  • Various incentives/funding schemes for the industry
  • Various notifications, circulars etc
  • Various events of interest
  • Bibliography of various important technical articles for use by the members

Future Plans:

  • To make the information available more user friendly for use by industry
  • To provide maximum possible information online
  • To generate more comprehensive information on potential overseas customers & update regularly
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